Car Detailing St. Albert and Edmonton

Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating

Discover professional car detailing in St. Albert and Edmonton with Owner’s Pride. Our St. Albert auto detailing services include ceramic coating, interior detailing, exterior detailing, washes, and more.

Once you have had an Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating applied to your paint by a trusted professional, your vehicle’s paint, rims, and headlights will be warrantied up to 7 years. Beyond being the best paint protection on the market against environmental contaminants, Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating makes it extremely easy to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle. Take your interior and exterior vehicle care to the next level with Owner’s Pride premier auto detailing.

Certified detailers will be taking care of your detailing needs. Gary and Paulo have a long experience in the industry and hold several international certifications for detailing in Marine, Auto Motorcycle and  Recreational.

International Detailing Association members and accredited training center.

We provide detailing training. 

For more information about our car detailing in St. Albert and Edmonton contact Owner’s Pride today.